Activation Seminars

We offer about 4-6 weekend seminars each year to develop you in core skills that are essential for ministry. These seminars are designed to be accesible for everyone and formatted to activate you instantly in a particular core skill. Registration costs vary depending on the seminar. 

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Ministry & Bible Classes

We offer classes that build on the core skills learned during seminars. These classes include reading or listening material, discussions, and excerises designed to practice the skills you are learning. These classes range in length and often include both in-class teaching and at-home assignments. Registration costs vary depending on length and students are responsibel to purchase materials for the class as well.

In 2024, we are working on the following classes: Evangelism, Jesus in the OT, and Moving in the Prophetic. Dates coming soon. 

a personal discipleship program

Though Operation Solid Lives (OSL) is not a prerequisite to participate in Expansion Training Center, we highly recommend it. OSL is an intentional and personal discipleship program designed to help people grow in their relationship with God, their faith, and their calling. During OSL classes, you will eliminate many distractions and flood your heart with God's word. You will learn to hear God and experience tremendous freedom and breakthrough.  OSL has 5 levels; at each level we go deeper into the truth's of God's word and are stretched in a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, Christ-like lifestyle. 

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Internship Program

We are currently preparing for an internship program launch in Fall 2024. This year-long internship will combine personal discipleship, seminars, ministry and bible classes, prayer room ministry, community outreach, local church ministry, a missions trip, and group and personal coaching. The internship is designed to immerse students in the presence of God, the word, and "on-the-job" ministry training.  We will offer both full and part time internships. If you are interested in more information, please let us know. 

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