Join us this Sunday

at one of our campuses

Experience Freedom & Healing
Hear God through His word
Encounter The Presence of Jesus
Be Equipped For Your Calling
Dear Friend,

We are a church for those who have given up on church but not on God. We are tired of unhealthy leadership, performances, and powerless Christianity. We want MORE JESUS: More of Him in our lives and more of Him in our world. 

That is why we are a church FOR YOU. We believe Jesus wants us to create a space for you to meet Him, hear His voice, learn to follow Him, and fulfill your purpose.  

If you are longing for freedom and healing; if you are searching for truth; if you need to discover your value and purpose, we want to help. 

We hope to meet you soon at one of our gatherings. We are already praying for you that you’ll set aside all the barriers and give God a chance.  There is hope. Don’t give up. 


Pastor David