Want to grow in your ministry?

Many Christ-followers sense a pull to ministry or want to give more but don't know where to begin or how to grow.  Here in Saint Louis, in the heart of the U.S., there is a move of God brewing and we are committed to doing our part. We believe much of this move will be through the multiplication of disciple-makers who are thoroughly equipped to do what God asks them to do.  

God is telling us: "Give the ministry back to My people. Equip My people to do My ministry".

This is why God has called us to launch Expansion Training Center in 2023.  ETC is designed to be accesible to anyone, in any season of life. Anyone who desires to grow in their ministry or leadership can access the training we offer. You do not have to be a member of our church; you just have to want to follow Jesus and His plan for your life. 

Built on the foundation of personal discipleship (through Operation Solid Lives) our training center provides a mixture of activation seminars, cohort classes, and (soon) internship programs. We focus on practical core skills and truths you need in ministry. We are committed to helping you discern, discover, and begin doing your own calling (not ours). Our goal is simply MULTIPLYING disciple-makers who follow Jesus and impact others; both men and women, young and old, fulfilling their calling. Stay tuned for more as our training center EXPANDS.     

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